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Technical Unit

:Technical unit

Since 2002, registration and recording of purebred breeding were assigned from public sector (Jihad Agricultural Organization) to Vahdat cooperative and now near to 37000 head of dairy cattle have been covered that number of those are increasing each year.

 Recording operations: cooperative experts go to near 72 dairy farms which are covered under recording program and recording their milking data and sampling of milk per cow.

Milk analyzing laboratory: The laboratory is managed by Vahdat cooperative and all samples of milk tested for %fat, %protein, %lactose, SCC, TS, SNF, MUN and other factors and the data information sent to the central processing unit and a copy will be provided to farmers.

  Identification:To do this, first of all, from all dairy cattle has taken photo in three sides, then photos are printed on a special form of birth certificate, data for each cow is inserted in the place specified and finally, by Jihad Agriculture Organization experts as an observer state is approved and sealed.

 Data collected from dairy farms: Data collection is done by similar software installation at all dairies and information are made monthly via CD, then this information will be stored on a central server of Vahdat cooperative that will create a data bank based on DHI information.

Data processing: After processing, the received information through the province Agricultural Organization has been sent to Animal Breeding Center of Iran, and then they are compared with provincial and national data, parameters and breeding values, and afterwards returned to the farmers. This information in Vahdat cooperative will be available for farmers among the various types of reports and ranking of dairy farms to determine the position of each farmer in terms of indicators and cause the competition between farmers and encourage them.

6- Type evaluating and sperm choosing: It works has been done by experts and using the up to date software in the world to offer to farmers.

Evaluation of province`s indicators: This work has been done by experts and veterinarians to provide the necessary solutions to overcome the weaknesses of herds.

 Relationships with universities and research centers: Vahdat cooperative participates actively as a presenter in many university research projects and in many cases, the necessary data and statistics have been provided by using a database of cooperative.

Feed analyzing laboratory: Inputs per unit of feed and TMR consumed in dairy farms have been sampled regularly every month by an expert and in the laboratory which is managed by Vahdat cooperative, are testing for important factors such as protein, fat, dry matter, NDF and ADF, then this will be available for farmers to compare with diet which is used. Although, feed size is checked by sieving Penn Smith.

 Technical group: It is composed of experts that hold meeting monthly at the cooperative to promote academic level and discussing about problems to find scientific and practical solutions.

Forming specialized workgroups: In all fields of breeding, veterinarian, training and managing created specialized workgroups to follow up of issues and providing opinions and long-term planning and supply a roadmap for this industry.

Database of job seekers: Graduates as skilled labor will be introduced to farmers according to the database of job seekers.




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